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June 9, 2010
Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm is a not-for-profit education center offering workshops, retreats and activities that honor and nurture self, community and the earth. Our focus is to bring people closer to the land. We are located on 120 acres outside Newark New York that is home to native wildlife, woods, ponds, wetlands and a drumlin. Sanctuary is a welcoming and safe place to find inspiration and challenges with others, wealth in solitude, and joy in the moment.

Sanctuary provides opportunities to learn primitive skills like basket weaving, animal tracking, fire making and flint knapping. Learn more about your self with a vision quest, Native American studies or walking the wooded paths. Learn about adventure from sleeping in a log lean-to, cooking food over an open fire, snowshoeing and photography.

Come on out and play, learn and laugh.      

Upcoming Events



It’s time to focus on you.

It’s time to take charge of the direction of your life.

It’s time to take three days to go quietly within.

Sound Appealing?

Then it’s time for SOLO QUEST, a three day two night event offering opportunity for introspection, stretching your personal limits and connecting with spirit.


is offered through Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm in Newark, NY. Your Guides on this journey inward are Steve Aman and Chris Arthur. Steve and Chris are offering this training because of their own profound, life changing experiences in events similar to this, and a recognition there are many others seeking similar results.


September 12-14
Fee: $195

A $75 dollar non-refundable deposit holds your spot. This class will be limited in size. Go to Sanctuary’s web site now and fill out the application and waiver form and send it in now. IT’S TIME!

Contact: Steve Aman @ 315-945-5559 or Chris Arthur @ 315-719-3668 with any questions you might have. Limited to 10 participants ages 17 and older.


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