History of Crowfield Farm

June 9, 2010

In 1983, the Kraai family bought farmland in the drumlins of Wayne County, New York, and quickly replaced the previous chemical farming practices with more natural and sustainable methods. In the fall of 1985, about 70 bison moved to Crowfield Farm and have been roaming, reproducing and growing in numbers since that time. The land is also home to deer, coyotes, turkeys, herons, geese and a host of other wildlife.

In 1998, some of the land at Crowfield Farm also became home to Peacework Organic Farm, the primary supplier of organic vegetables, herbs and flowers for a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Since that time, the Kraai family has moved on to other interests, but the vision of Sanctuary at Crowfield Farm lives on with the addition of other forward thinking people, including several families and individuals moving to the land.That vision encompasses many different aspects, including an intentional community, focused on simple living and sustainable choices. The vision also includes providing safe and enjoyable means for people to connect with the land, and in so doing, create and strengthen community.

The community at Sanctuary envisions constructing a variety of buildings on the land using earth-friendly methods. An open air pavilion for workshops and activities is located on the edge of the woods. A cook shack stands on Sundance Field ready to be used to prepare and serve food to crowds gathered. Most recently, volunteers completed construction of an Adirondack style lean-to on the shore of the pond, which is available for public use (see Sanctuary policies). It is our plan to eventually build several hermitages in coming years, which will help move the vision along the path to reality.” They will also be a place for future workshop attendees, presenters, and CSA interns to reside and find community space.

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